Poverty Prevention measures such as financial literacy education, our Make Ends Meet food distribution program, and Dollar and a Dream campaign will significantly reduce the underlying causes of the cycle of poverty, violence, and victimization.

Violence Reduction programs such as the Bully Me bullying prevention program, My Brothers Keeper initiative, and the I Speak Life Anti Violence program. These programs enlist a street team to actively engage in intervening in street beef. They help coach the young men who find themselves in potentially violent and dangerous situations, to find rational ways to work through conflict.

Lifestyle Enrichment curriculum such as Etiquette classes, cultural exploration and acceptance training, as well Career development resources to help foster more Dreams to come true.

OUR mission

Family is the most important building block for a successful future. By reinforcing the family structure in the midst of poverty like conditions, we will impact an untold amount of lives.


At the forefront of society is the well being of each and every person. In accordance to this each and every person needs help on the way to becoming self-reliant. The more families we can help, the impact will be felt in multiples in the next generation which will eventually impress a new way of life in the not so distant future.

Making A Difference  One Family At A Time

Dare To Dream Family Foundation