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Join The Fight! We need your help to combat the problems that families living in poverty face on a daily basis. We ask you combine with us and lend your time and/or support financially. Volunteers are always welcomed to help with our campaigns as this allows us to raise the scale on which we do these functions. We utilize matching funds, bulk purchasing and we have a network of local merchants who always pitch in and support our programs. No donation is too small as we are grateful for all of our support.

Since it's founding in the early 1990's, the Dare to Dream Family Foundation has been a staple in the community of Youngstown, Ohio. Initially  Dare To Dream's primary mission was to help as many disadvantaged children as possible to have their basic needs met. We soon discovered it  was impossible to help the child without helping the entire family unit. Our first line of defense will be to attack the cycle of  poverty, crime and despair. We are starting a movement of economic uplift, equal access to opportunity, and education of the masses. Dare to Dream asks for you to join our effort. We need all hands on deck to combat the problems our inner city communities are faced with. Together we will make fundamental change.

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 Underlying poverty and lack of access to equal opportunity is the catalyst which leads to most inner city crime. The victims of crime become the victimizer. Dare to Dream is on the frontline ready, willing, and able to do whatever it takes to break this cycle. Most effective problem solving actions have to come from within. The inner city is our specialty. We intimately understand the complex problems which are unique to inner city America.  Our programs design is unique and effective.

Dare to Dream provides programs year round to supply basic needs to the impoverished. Our "Dollar and A Dream" fund supplies:

Christmas Toy Distribution

Easter Baskets

School Clothes

"Make Ends Meet"- this is a city wide food distribution to help during the last week of the month.

These are a few of the services we provide.


Making A Difference  One Family At A Time

Dare To Dream Family Foundation